The following policies have been adopted for the "Spring Break" and the "4th of July" holiday time periods for condominium rentals at The Terrace at Pelican Beach and Pelican Beach Resorts & Conference Center. The homeowner associations of both properties desire to maintain a "family-friendly" environment during this special time period. These policies are in effect for all condominium rentals, regardless of the reservation service or property management company. We appreciate your understanding of these policies ... our interest is ensuring you the best vacation experience possible!



We are delighted that you have chosen The Resorts of Pelican Beach as your vacation destination. To ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday, we will be implementing the special registration policies and security measures that were in effect last year. These policies, explained below, will be effective 3/12/2019 to 4/8/2019 and 7/1/2019 to 7/8/2019.


Special Check-In Procedures:

After you have registered with the management company or person from whom you are renting your accommodations, you will proceed to the Pelican lobby front desk:


You will be asked to sign a registration card listing the names of all adults as well as the names and ages of all persons under the age of 25 years staying in the unit. There must be one adult for every three children, under 25, in the party. Children must accompany parents/guardian to the desk. Only 6 persons will be allowed to register in a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom unit, and only 8 persons in a 3 bedroom unit. Parties not adhering to this requirement will not be allowed to check-in!


You will be issued a special parking pass to display on your windshield. A maximum of 2 vehicles per unit, please! Vehicles not displaying this pass will not be permitted access to the resort.


During the Spring Break time period, wristbands will be issued to all guests under the age of 25 years to enhance security and restrict use of the Resort's amenities to our paying guests:


Colored wristbands identify persons under the age of 25 and verify they are registered guests. Pelican Guest Services staff will place the bands on your underage guests. The parent/guardian or responsible party for the reservation must accompany these guests receiving wristbands. Security staff will escort any youths without wristbands off property. A charge of $25 will be assess for lost wristbands.


During the Independence holiday weekend, ALL Owners and guests will be required to wear the Pelican wristband during their stay.


Friends or Visitors Staying at Other Resort Properties:

Only registered guests will be allowed to occupy the rental units or use the common amenities on the property during the Spring Break and 4th of July Week time periods. Please inform your friends who are staying at other properties that they will not be allowed access to either The Pelican or The Terrace during the spring break period. This restriction ensures that our homeowners and paying guests are able to enjoy the pools and other amenities that can quickly become crowded if we allow non-registered guests access to our resort.


Extra Security to be in effect:

Supplementing our regular security staff will be Sheriff deputies. The legal drinking age in Florida is 21 years. The deputies will arrest underage drinkers as well as those adults who supply alcoholic beverages to minors. We ask that all parents and guardians supervise the activities of their children. Loud parties in the units or those guests found disturbing the peace and privacy of others will be asked to leave, and their deposits will be forfeited.


Thank you in advance for your Understanding & Cooperation ...


We ask for your cooperation in abiding by these policies to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable stay. We value your patronage!


Herb Profitt General Manager,

The Resorts of Pelican Beach