PELICAN BEACH MANAGEMENT Marketing Your Vacation Rental: Why Professional Photography is Worth It

December 10, 2020 Article

Marketing Your Vacation Rental: Why Professional Photography is Worth It

Marketing a vacation rental may require a little extra effort when you own a property in an area with many great rental properties. When all else is equal, people who have their pick of rental properties will naturally focus on the most attractive rental property they see. In a world of near-instant vacation rental booking, the way in which a property is presented can make a significant difference.

Images Sell Faster than Words

Why do images from a professional photographer make such a difference? Because images sell faster than words. People seeking a vacation rental usually look with their eyes first, and scan words second. Listings have just seconds to grab the attention of the person renting the property. Without good pictures, potential renters may not see how comfortable, light-filled and cheerful a property is. They’ll often over look good properties in favor of other properties that have better pictures.

Our Commitment in 2021

We have engaged our professional photography service to newly shoot all units in the first and second quarter of 2021. Hiring a professional photographer can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousand or more if contracted individually. The marketing price for our package would be in the $199 range. As our commitment to our owners, we will be absobing these costs in 2021 for our exclusive use on our website.


We will publish the schedule here and request you let us know your preferred date. We will work around any guest rentals to be sure your unit is included. Additionally, announcing this program now, this gives our owners a chance to make any updates to their units and get on the schedule upon their completion.


• 10-15 Images: Living Area, Dining, Kitchen, Bedroom(s), Baths and Balcony

• Cropped to Booking Engine Specs

• HDR Color Enhanced (Custom Preset)

• Flex Scheduled based on Owner Renovations Schedule and Occupancy (Fixed Session Dates in March, April and May)

• Staging Elements in Master Bedroom, Balcony and Kitchen Counter (as possible)

• Accent Images (as possible)


If you would like to learn more about our Rental Management program, we would be very happy to send you our comprehensive Rental Information Packet in the mail. We would also welcome the opportunity of talking with you personally. Please contact Herb Profitt, General Manager by email ( or by calling (850) 654-1425.


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Pelican Beach Management is a full-service vacation rental property management company for premier vacation rental homes in the Resorts of Pelican Beach. As the leading vacation rental hospitality brand within Pelican Beach, we provide guests with the consistency and quality of a fine hotel experience, while optimizing the management, marketing, and return on investment for vacation rental homeowners.

How is Pelican Beach Management different from a listing site like HomeAway or Airbnb?

Pelican Beach Management is a full-service vacation rental property manager and companies like HomeAway and Airbnb are listing sites. We take care of your vacation home and help get your condominium booked while listing sites are just a place where you can post your vacation home to be rented. We actually partner with sites like those (over 50+ in total) to market your condominium to a wide variety of travelers.


When you choose Pelican Beach Management and take advantage of our professional rental management services, your find a partner who cares for each home as if it were our own.


Pelican Beach Management shares in your goal of achieving the highest occupancy possible for your property. Our Revenue Management team offers realistic rental projections based on historical data and analyzes data on an ongoing basis in order to best match rates with consumer demand.

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Pelican Beach Management has provided homeowners association management in Northwest Florida for more than 18 years. Our HOA management services include financial management, facility management and records management to help keep your organization running smoothly.