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Pelican Beach Management, Inc. - Benefits to Owners

Pelican Beach Management, Inc. is a full-service hospitality management company offering innovative, yet proven, expertise in condominium management and rentals. Pelican Beach Management offers personal service and contemporary strategies for your SUCCESS.

PELICAN BEACH MANAGEMENT, INC. IS THE EXCLUSIVE, ON-SITE RENTAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY FOR THE RESORTS OF PELICAN BEACH. For this reason alone, Pelican Beach Management should be your first choice to handle your rental property at the Pelican Beach Resort and/or The Terrace at Pelican Beach. Why, is this so important?  Simply put - exposure.  Pelican Beach Management has invested heavily over the years in building the Pelican Beach “brand”. Area visitors have come to know “Pelican Beach” quality and location in the Destin market.  In all primary directories, Internet search engines, etc., our presence is the first result. Hence, prospective guests find us first. Combined with the peace of mind conveniences provided to your guests, the question owners should ask when choosing a rental management company to handle their property:  What is the benefit for choosing an off-premise rental management company who will market your property along with properties in other locations? Does a small difference in rental commission make up for a potential reduction in overall rental income which could come with less property exposure?

In addition to attracting guests to your rental property, we are diligent in the protection of your asset. Take a look around. The results of our efforts can be seen everywhere around the property. As the association manager for both the Pelican Beach Resort and The Terrace, we have a stake in all aspects of the properties appearance and maintenance. Aside from our resort owners, there is no one more committed to assuring the quality of the owners and guests experience at Pelican Beach than Pelican Beach Management, Inc.

With Pelican Beach Management, you chose a quality management company that not only provides the highest return but also protects your asset. Pelican Beach Management has a Revenue Management staff committed to maximizing rental income. Revenue Management is making sure the right product is being sold to the right person, at the right time, and for the right price.

A highlight of benefit to owners includes:

Average Rental Income - Average income varies from floor to floor.  Please contact our Rental Manager for details on your specific unit location.

Low Commission - Long-term rental commission (more than 30 days) is 20%. Short-term rental commission is 25%.

Owner Reservations - Owners may log-in to the exclusive owners section of the website to check availability and make reservations.  We have enhanced our web module to include individual unit photos and added a “Featured Unit” section to the web module. In addition to website access, owners may call toll-free, 1(888) PELICAN and make reservations for their units 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Housekeeping - On-site housekeeping services, extra linen, paper products and other guest needs available from our on-site front desk - 24 hours a day.

Maintenance - Maintenance problems for rental units are handled on-site by trained maintenance personnel.  Owners and guests can call the front desk 24 hours a day and be assured of expedient attention to their maintenance issue.

On-Site Laundry - All laundry for rental units is cleaned, folded and returned to units without leaving the Resorts of Pelican Beach.  This keeps the replacement cost and damaged linen down to a minimum.

Annual Maintenance Fee - No annual maintenance fee required.

Telephones - Monthly charge for telephone service is only $30.  Owners do not have to worry about guests making long-distance telephone calls.

Single Property Management - Pelican Beach Management, Inc. manages and markets the Resorts of Pelican Beach as a standalone property, complete with current property specific website. Unlike our competitors, we market the property as an individual resort and not commingled with other competing properties.

If you would like to learn more about our Rental Management program, we would be very happy to send you our comprehensive Rental Information Packet in the mail. We would also welcome the opportunity of talking with you personally. Please contact Herb Profitt, General Manager by email ( or by calling (850) 654-1425.




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